Helping Acapulco's Children for 60 Years!

The Friends of Acapulco first came in contact with the Salvation Army in 1963 through the volunteer work of Alfred and Ray Lawrence. The Salvation Army initially sought our financial support to build a new residential facility for children in Mozimba, located just off the main highway that leads to Pie de la Cuesta.

Friends of Acapulco made an initial donation of $10,000 USD toward the purchase of the new facility for the Salvation Army.   In the ensuing years, we have made a series of grants to support the construction of additional dormitories, the renovation of existing facilities and the purchase of equipment.

In 2018 Amigos has supported several building improvements:

Salvation Army Children's Home

Besides these items, the Friends of Acapulco also pays the entire bill for medical care for all the children.   Every child is seen regularly by Dr. Horacio Orazco Garay, the physician in charge of the Friends of Acapulco Medical Dispensary on Avenida Michoacan.

The Salvation Army has its own local Advisory Board.  The Salvation Army Advisory Board has been instrumental in raising money – through its Annual Benefit GALA and Padrino Program –  for the health, education and welfare of children.  Using its connections in the local community,  the Advisory Board has also arranged for monthly donations of food from prominent business owners.

The Acapulco facility is one of 19 children’s shelters operated by the Salvation Army throughout Mexico. The Salvation Army has had a physical presence here in Acapulco since 1952.

In the Year 2000,  the facility was officially renamed the Alfred and Ray Lawrence Children’s Home of the Salvation Army  – in recognition for the 40 years of volunteer work performed by Al and Ray in service of the Home.

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