Helping Acapulco's Children for 60 Years!


We are delighted to have this opportunity to report to our members on our recent activities, our funding priorities and our vision for the future. The Friends of Acapulco is the oldest charitable association in Acapulco. We are very proud of the noble work we do.

Almost 60  years of caring for the neediest children of Acapulco.
But we are also focused on their education, their health care, their nutrition and their emotional well-being. I have had the privilege of serving as your President for several years. My goal has been to continue our distinguished record of charitable giving. Most of these children come from homes whose parents could no longer support them because of family breakup, drug addiction, economic hardship or emotional problems. Thanks to your generous contributions to the Friends of Acapulco, we can help provide a safe environment for these deserving youngsters, where they can overcome their personal hardships and realize their full human potential.

Marilú Baca


When I was appointed President, we instituted a fundamental change in the way we make our charitable grants. Historically, the Friends of Acapulco issued a check to each children’s home, allowing the administrator in charge of each institution to decide how best to spend the money. This style of grantsmanship had its drawbacks. It was very hard for us to document precisely how our funds were spent or the benefits generated. The staff in charge of the homes themselves had difficulty tracking the money flow, because our grants were mixed in with operating expenses.

We had observed on our site visits that the money we donated year after year seldom translated into visible improvements in the physical condition of each home. With the authorization of our Board of Directors, we instituted fundamental changes in our funding procedures with the aim of better tracking the impact of our donations. Under our new guidelines, we only approve grants on a project-specific basis. Each home submits to us an annual statement of needs, defining the projects they propose to undertake in the coming year. We authorize the funding in advance. But we do not issue the checks until we see paid receipts that verify how our money was spent. We also require that the homes take “before and after” photographs that visually document the improvements made. To ensure high-quality work, we have developed our own network of reputable building contractors and suppliers with whom we have collaborated in the past. We recommend these contractors and suppliers to the administrators of each home, giving them the option to seek other bids from contractors of their own choosing. The impact of these new procedures has been truly remarkable. Our new system enables us to track every peso we spend. This enhanced accountability gives us the assurance that your contributions are being invested wisely.


The Friends of Acapulco give these youngsters the “wings” to fly on their own.

Like new butterflies taking flight for the very first time, our financial support gives these youngsters the “wings” to fly on their own. Thanks to your generous contributions, these deserving youngsters learn to overcome the personal hardships they have endured. Our scholarship program opens the doors to a good education and a decent job. Our free medical care program fosters good hygiene and prevents childhood diseases. Our capital improvements program offers kids a safe and secure living environment. The results of our good deeds are there for all to see: happy and healthy kids full of enthusiasm and energy. We are very proud that graduates of our homes include doctors, accountants and social workers. One of our former scholarship students is now studying for her PhD. in London. In closing, we wish to express our enormous appreciation to our distinguished members for their generous financial support. Your donations enable to do so much good for so many needy and deserving youngsters. We are counting on your continued contributions to the Friends of Acapulco to sustain our noble mission throughout the current decade and beyond.

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